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The Blue Bodies

This photo was one of the highlights of our young career. We had started with this account, earning our way in first on technical quality, product inserts, display stands, etc. Our first cover “The Sandfaces” was sort of a last resort for our designer client’s client, the manufacturer. See the details on that one here.

So, the opportunity arose for us to come up with the concept again for this client, as we had the year before. I was feeling my oats, and wanted to do something daring, kinda like what we had done the year before.  So, while meeting with our designer clients to brainstorm, I immediately blurted out “Nudity!” One rarely finds an excuse to use such a lurid, sensationalist image in proper society, so after the chuckles died down, I tried to make it work. “Nude body parts, shot in the abstract, like landscapes, mountain ranges, from outer space!” These guys, two lady designers and my partner Columbia, were game for entertaining just about anything within budget. to be con’t.